What to Expect in Your Therapy Session

If you have decided to start therapy, you likely have a lot of questions about what to expect. You’ve probably seen therapy depicted on television shows and in movies, but is it really like that? Sometimes not knowing what to expect prevents people from even trying therapy, though it may benefit them greatly. To take […]

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10 Unexpected Effects of Sobriety

Getting sober is no easy feat. It is, no doubt, a difficult process, requiring a lot of support and dedication. People choose to get sober for all different kinds of reasons. And while the impetus for sobriety (and the road to recovery) may be distinct to each person, the benefits of being sober are universally […]

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21 Warning Signs Your Child May be Living with a Mental Illness

Identifying the signs of mental illness in children can be difficult. As kids grow and develop, it’s natural that their attitudes and personalities change. Sometimes a warning sign for a potential mental illness is masked by changing hormones or behaviors that would be present with or without a mental illness. As a result, many children […]

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